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Coca Cola VWBC

NUSSLI Has been officially invited to respond the tender of Coca-Cola Pavilion in Sochi Winter Olympics 2014, VWBC Registration Kiosk development is a part of the tender response beside the commercial proposal in construction. My designs have been selected the best concept, showing above is one of the concepts. New COKE campaign encourages end-customers being more active and educated about a better life. Along the educative and informative brand experience, I came up its branding perceptional shaped kiosk, integrating with new 3D scanning technology as a starter of the campaign. The overall look & feel is inspired from new COKE bottle with several color and pattern options. At the inside, the scanning device and operating tablet is adjustable height and position and warm colour of LED light on top brings an accenturated RED color. The concept materix is on the 3rd page of the slides above.
  • TASK
    Creative Lead, 3D Design & Communications
  • DATE
    July 24, 2013
    HAVAS Events (former Ignition)